Posted by: EK | October 2, 2009

He really is FRAN.

Sorry, Kevin. The post was deleted.

Based on higher-res versions of the poster, it is confirmed that the spelling is Fran. (So, Crunchy is still wrong, I’m really sorry.) I will be fixing the pages once and for all to show this.

I have also corrected my single-n spelling for Colonnello both here and in Racconti di Arcobaleno. [But I refuse to do that for the episode summaries, but that’s just me being stubborn since the single-n spelling is easier to type in a hurry.]



  1. Alas, I’m aware. It…it certainly looked like an “L”. Curse my hubris. Well, I’m eating humble pie now. But at least now the issue is settled.

    • No big deal. But you get why very few people want to take Viz’s word for spellings. ^^;

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