Posted by: EK | October 14, 2009

sticky welcome post

Ciaossu! Welcome to Vongola101, your entry point to most things Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Really, totally, completely new? Start with these:

What is Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Meet the main character, Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) SAWADA!
Meet the title character, home tutor hitman Reborn!
The good guys are the Vongola!

Go through the other links to your right after those. Save the “Advanced Info” links for last.

Do your KHR-crazy friends talk about 80, 18, 59, 69, 27 and you don’t understand? The code numbers are explained here!

Enjoy your stay.

(This WP site is now static, and is relevant up to the Simon arc.)



  1. umm…….u nvr mentioned bout the first vongola family which is really crucial info. btw nice blog

    • I think I did, it’s under the ‘primo famiglia’ link. ^^v And thank you for liking!

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