Posted by: EK | January 22, 2011

not really updates

There are HINTS AND RUMORS that there will be another anime by April (around which time all the Simon are expected to have fought, I suppose, and thus the arc would be coherent enough to air as anime). It’s certain that Sakiyomi Jump Bang has aired several vomics (video-comics, read-aloud manga) covering the Inheritance arc chapters.

I’ll be making separate page/s for Simon [pronounced See-mon as in Simone or the character in Gurren Lagann, not Sigh-mon as in Cowell], but I shall wait until Mizuno Kaoru has fought before doing so. Besides I still need to re-read and make sense of what I know about their skills. I’m also contemplating how in the world I’m going to place a page for the ninth-generation group. Please wait expectantly.


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