Posted by: EK | April 7, 2011

Simon is here!

I got a whole day off and a good internet connection day. Now uploaded are pages for Simon, as a whole and as individuals. Look to your right, please.

Some of you who are up-to-date with the series may note that plenty is left unsaid in those profiles, but remember that this is Vongola101 and not the RebornWiki. What I gave is basic information about them, without spoilers. That said, I hope the information is useful to you, especially in remembering who has what element and skill, whether you are updated or catching up.

I will wait until Simon Cozart’s backstory is given fully before adding a page in the
Advanced Info for that.

Amano Akira was one of those who provided gambatte-Japan!-type illustrations for Shonen Jump, so it’s certain she’s fine.


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