Vongola Rings


During the course of the series our heroes get a group of power rings, passed on through each Vongola generation. Those who are chosen to own the power rings are chosen to be the immediate protectors of the Vongola leader.

The rings describe the characteristics of each user. For instance: The Sun ring helps to clear out the field by shedding light on it and clarifying what needs to be done, and the user (Ryohei) brightens up the team by sheer flashy and sunny presence.

In the Future arc, they add power and skills to the user. Each ring is used to activate one to several weapon boxes specific to that ring.

The rings act by themselves, but they are all ruled over by the Ring of Sky (owned by the Vongola leader, in this case Tsuna). The Sky Ring holder can activate any of the weapon boxes to a certain degree.

The fandom sometimes refers to the core Vongola through their rings. A reference to a rainy day might go like this: “Yamamoto, please make it stop raining!”

Ring Description of user Final characteristic Vongola Varia
Sky colors and engulfs everything

(rules over guardians/rings)


(can use any ring box)

Sawada Tsunayoshi Xanxus
Storm fiercely blows away everything

(general/mid-range attack)


(disintegrate or disassemble)

Gokudera Hayato Belphegor
Rain washes away everything

(direct strike)



Yamamoto Takeshi Superbi Squalo
Sun illuminates the sky

(clears fighting field)


(healing / jump-start)

Sasagawa Ryohei Lissuria
Thunder harshly strikes everything

(direct long-range strike)



Lambo Levi A Than
Cloud cannot be caught and goes its own way

(external support / trump card)


(energy sink)

Hibari Kyouya Gola Mosca
Mist cannot be captured




Rokudo Mukuro Dokuro Chrome Mammon / Fran

Some data (and clarification) taken from wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vongola_Family#Others

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