calen08MINOR SPOILERS FOR VARIA ARC. If it does not worry you, keep reading!

Basil (Basilicum)
Code: 84
Weapon: boomerang/triangle , energy blasts
Fighting style: Dying will system

– Vongola CEDEF (external support group) member
– Italian, who learned Japanese
– Activates a Dying-will Flame almost exactly like Tsuna’s, but Basil’s is blue
– Extremely polite to the point of being archaic; he uses “-dono”, not “-san”, to address people
– Cheerful and dedicated
– Has high respect for Tsuna
– Acts as Tsuna’s sparring partner for the Varia arc
– Tutored by Sawada Iemitsu

Shrine: Firefly
Fanlisting: Leale
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