Code: B
Name: Poison Scorpion Bianchi
Weapon: Poison cooking
Ring wave energy: Storm
Box animal: Scorpions

– Her name is pronounced “Bee-Ahn-Kee” (NOT bee-ann-chee)
– Femme fetale of the series (quite literally)
– Vongola insider
– Freelance assassin, formerly partnering with Reborn
– Gokudera’s half-sister (on the father side)
– Full Italian (unlike Gokudera)
– We don’t know how, but anything she cooks/holds/bakes turns out inedible, poisonous, AND corrosive (besides having live crawling and creeping creatures in them!). Thus, her cooking is literally deadly (either by throwing it or eating it)
– Still has a big crush on Reborn
– Had a big crush on a certain “Romeo” who looks too much like Ten-years-later Lambo
– The mere sight of her makes Gokudera throw up (psychosomatic reaction to her cooking)
– Pretty much lives with Tsuna

Fanlisting: Dangerous Beauty

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