Code: D
Name: Bucking-horse (Prancing-horse) Dino
Weapon: whip
Animal: Turtle (Enzo)

– Head of the Cavallone (sometimes spelled Ciavarrone or Gabarone) branch, one of the allies to Vongola
– It’s never stated what his surname is (Most fans just assume it’s Cavallone for fanfiction purposes. This is generally okay.)
– Reborn’s student prior to Tsuna
– 22 years old
– Full Italian
– Extremely clumsy if none of his subordinates are present. If there are subordinates around, he’s awesome.
– Owns turtle (acquired from Reborn) that grows HUGE when put in water
– Admits to starting out much like Tsuna (scared and whiny and clumsy, but highly protective of family and mafia branch)
– Kind to subordinates, helpful to allies
– Becomes Hibari’s tutor during Varia arc

Fanlisting: Cavallo Rampante

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