Sawada Nana and Iemitsu

The basic you have to know about them is this: They are Sawada Tsunayoshi’s parents.

MINOR SPOILERS FOR VARIA ARC. Come back later if it worries you.

cap_epi1_0249SAWADA Nana

– Tsuna’s mother
– Housewife
– Young-ish
– Happy, loving, and independent
– Loves husband and son a lot
– But she doesn’t believe in her son’s academic skills all that much
– VERY accommodating of everybody related to Vongola or friends of Tsuna
– Both husband and son keep her pretty much in the dark about what Vongola really is

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kk_re_card_brillante2_53SAWADA Iemitsu

– Tsuna’s father
– Introduced in Varia arc as leader of Vongola CEDEF (external support group). As such, he has a lot of power within Vongola and is consulted about major decisions by the 9th Vongola boss.
– Because of his job, the family had not seen him home for a few years
– Faithful to his wife and loves her a lot
– Easygoing personality and calm under stress (a COMPLETE opposite to Tsuna)
– Quite a drinker and a loafer when he’s home
– Tutored Basil


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