KHR — Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn

CEDEF — Consulenza Esterna Della Famiglia (external counselors of the family), the external support team of the Vongola, assisting the family only when needed/requested. They have a say in the workings of the Vongola in extreme situations. Basil and Lal Mirch are members.

Sistema CAI — Sistema Cambio Arma Istantaneo (Instantaneous Arms Rearrangement System), Gokudera’s rather elaborate box weapon system in the Future arc.

TYL — Ten Years Later. These are the Future arc versions of the characters which are ten years older.
TYY — Ten Years Young (AKA the current versions of the characters)
TYB — Ten Years Back (current versions of the characters)
PD — Present-day (current versions of the characters)

D – Dino
X – Xanxus
S – Squalo
L – Lambo
R – Reborn
Ryo – Ryohei
K – Kyoko

*These character codes are repeated in the character profiles.

ReboCon — Reborn Concert Carnival. It is an annual, semi-touring event where all the voice actors for the KHR anime do skits and games before an audience, sing opening, ending, and character songs, and interview each other.

ReboRaji — KHR seiyuu for Gokudera and Yamamoto (and sometimes Mukuro) have this weekly radio show soon after the most recent episode is aired.

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