Much of the KHR fandom is ruled by numbers. These are abbreviations for characters, designated by the Japanese fans, based on the two Japanese number systems. Since they are codes used by the international fandom, it is best that you become familiar with the system, and the usual number codes.

27 = 2-7 = tsu/two-na (Sawada Tsuna)

80 = 8-0 = ya-ma (Yamamoto Takeshi)

Remember that KHR is filled with cute guys, and the fandom is filled with shonen-ai pairings. This is partly the reason why all the number codes were created. Knowing the codes will help you know what kind of fanart/fanfic you are getting.

Now some multiplication lessons.

5986 = 59 x 86 = go-ku(dera) x ha-ru

– Gokudera Hayato is paired with Miura Haru, in a non-shonen-ai but fandom-only pairing.

6996 = 69 x 96 = mu-ku(ro) or ro-ku(do) x ku-ro(mu)/Chrome

– Rokudo Mukuro is paired with Chrome Dokuro, another popular non-shonen-ai pairing.

8059 = 80 x 59 = ya-ma(moto) x go-ku(dera)

– This means that Yamamoto is seme and Gokudera is uke.
– This is one of the “canon” pairings, seeing that these two are always at each other and are almost always seen together.

6918 = 69 x 18 = ro-ku(do) x (h)i-ba(ri)

– Rokudo Mukuro is seme and Hibari Kyoya is uke.
– “Canon” pairing in the sense that these two are always itching to get together and have a good blood match. ^^;;

* These are NOT canon pairings, in the way Tsuna/Kyoko or even Bianchi/Reborn is a canon pair, officially part of the storyline. These are the most common of the fandom-accepted yaoi pairings, implied often enough in the main text without anyone having to stretch the imagination too much. (^^;) I made examples of these, since these are two 4-digit numbers you will see pretty often.

Number codes are given with each character profile.



  1. I noticed on the number code page that you had mu-ku = 69. I think it should be ro-ku = 69, since ro(ku) = 6 and ku = 9.

    • Sorry about that. You’re right, that’s my mistake, thanks so much. ^^v

      • Kinda late to the party, but both are actually correct. ‘Mu’ is an alternate reading of the kanji ‘6’, as seen in the counter ‘六つ’ or ‘muttsu’.

  2. Seme and uke..
    Do you know what those two terms mean?
    People keep on saying it.
    And what’s moe? O.o

    • I had to ask these too, so I will answer.

      The first two terms are yaoi terms, used to describe, erm, roles in the relationship. ‘Seme’ is the dominant personality, the guy who tops. ‘Uke’ is the subordinating personality.

      ‘Moe’ is not connected to this discussion. It’s a general term for anime shows that are all about cute girls (such as K-on!).

  3. what about mammon?

    • Mammon has no frequently-used fan numbering (to my best knowledge, though you can check at Reborn Wiki).

  4. I’m kinda late to the party too but I just wanted to say thank you for this! It was driving me crazy not knowing where the numbers actually came from and also because I was reading opinionated answers like Yama’s 80 came from his baseball jersey and Tsuna’s 27 came from his gloves. So I was like well… Where did the rest come from?
    Now it all makes sense, lol

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