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Phalaenopsis Paradox explanations have been added to Advanced Info. I must warn though that it’s one of the LAST things you should be reading if you’re really new.

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sticky welcome post

Ciaossu! Welcome to Vongola101, your entry point to most things Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Really, totally, completely new? Start with these:

What is Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Meet the main character, Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) SAWADA!
Meet the title character, home tutor hitman Reborn!
The good guys are the Vongola!

Go through the other links to your right after those. Save the “Advanced Info” links for last.

Do your KHR-crazy friends talk about 80, 18, 59, 69, 27 and you don’t understand? The code numbers are explained here!

Enjoy your stay.

(This WP site is now static, and is relevant up to the Simon arc.)

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He really is FRAN.

Sorry, Kevin. The post was deleted.

Based on higher-res versions of the poster, it is confirmed that the spelling is Fran. (So, Crunchy is still wrong, I’m really sorry.) I will be fixing the pages once and for all to show this.

I have also corrected my single-n spelling for Colonnello both here and in Racconti di Arcobaleno. [But I refuse to do that for the episode summaries, but that’s just me being stubborn since the single-n spelling is easier to type in a hurry.]

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Hello and thank you for visiting.

Hell Rings page added. Figured it might be useful to someone, and the information might be important eventually. ^^; Please note there are spoilers at the end of it, by necessity.

Changed the picture in the Arcobaleno page. I realized the picture there was too spoilery. It now has one of the chibis as shown in the anime.

Please comment if there are other information you feel is still needed here, thanks.

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No new major updates here for a while. I hope what is currently here serves your needs.

I’m hanging out at Racconti di Arcobaleno and fixing that up. Again, that site covers the new Arcboaleno Trials subarc and is FULL OF SPOILERS, fair warning. If you are new to the series hang out here and catch up to the series first, before you go to the other site.

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In anticipation of the Arcobaleno arc imbedded in the new season, I made this small site for any and all Arcobaleno spoilers that come our way: Racconti di Arcobaleno.

I won’t be incorporating the information here, because Vongola 101 is intended to be primer. I plan to summarize the episodes that will involve the Arcobaleno story there.

If you’re going to visit there, please note that it will be ALL SPOILERS.

EK 8 )

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Doesn’t look like there’s a difference, but leriko_rasen was nice enough to clean and sharpen the header image, thank you very much.

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Choice rules has been given a page. Please note that it’s major spoiler for the newest manga chapters. But if you don’t mind, or if you’ve been confused by the rules, I hope that helps.

Posted by: EK | June 10, 2009

minor updates

Giannini finally has a page.

Cervello finally has a page. It’s placed under Millefiore, as they are seen for a long while in both manga and anime with Shouichi. The picture is from the Varia period, though.

Spanner’s picture changed.

BTW please remember that Vongola101 is a 101 info site, a newbie and gateway site, so I am intentionally holding back a few things that the more updated and diehard fans may know.

I’m thankful to all the visitors and linkers to this site from all over, I’m glad you find it helpful.


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Page for the motorcycles added. It’s stuff related to the Future arc, and relatively new manga stuff, so don’t go if you don’t like spoilers. But the original post on the LJ comm was getting buried, so I copied it here for easy reference.

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