Story Arcs

Katekyo Hitman Reborn is composed of five major story arcs, following the development of Sawada Tsunayoshi from whiny kid to new leader of the Vongola.

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Daily Life arc — We meet majority of the main characters; the basic premises of the story are established

Manga: chapters 1-60
Anime: episode 1-19, 27-33, 66-73

Kokuyo arc — Rokudo Mukuro and his gang are introduced.

Manga: chapters 61-81
Anime: episode 20-26

Varia arc — The fight for the right to be the next Vongola successor. Introduces Xanxus and his group. Chrome introduced. A few more Arcobaleno introduced. Rings introduced.

Manga: chapters 82-135
Anime: episode 34-65

Future arc — The gang is brought ten years into the future to save Vongola and the whole Mafia. Ring/Box system. Arcobaleno case slowly being explained. All Arcobaleno introduced.

Manga: chapter 136-282
Anime: episode 74-203

– The World 10 years later / training phase (manga: chapters 136-174, anime: episode 75-101)
– Melone Base siege (manga: chapters 175-230, anime: episode 102-141)
– Arcobaleno trials (anime: episode 141-153)
– Funeral Wreaths / Choice (manga: chapters 231-282, anime: episode 155-177, 190-203)
– Primo famiglia trials (anime: episode 178-188)

Inheritance arc — An obscure mafia family threatens to disrupt ceremonies to place Tsuna as tenth-generation successor to Vongola. Vongola Gear system.

Manga: chapter 283-346

Manga chapter/volume list

Anime episode list

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