Black Spell

Black Spell used to be the Giglio Nero branch, and to distinguish them from within Millefiore they wear the black uniforms.

(There are several Giglio Nero members introduced, but these below are the ones you have to know and remember.)


– Specializes in electricity-based and lightning-based attacks
– Treats Byakuran with MUCH suspicion (he knows a trick happened to cause the merger)
– Has 2 foxes for box animals
– Loves playing billiards
– Fought Yamamoto and Gokudera, then Gokudera and Ryohei

Fanlisting: Surge Force

– The Giglio Nero leader before the merger (and she was tricked into it)
– Holds the orange Arcobaleno pacifier, but it seems it was taken from her along with the takeover
– Her mother (Aria) had a relationship with Gamma, and Gamma also treats Uni like a special person to him

Fanlisting: la mia piccola principessa

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