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*A spanner is the general British term for a wrench. Americans use the same term for a special type of wrench.

– Strau Mosca engineer
– Black Spell, a sub-commander
– (according to volume 28 extras) Of British descent, Italian-raised, has a grandfather that he adores who likes all things Japanese (thanks xbluedawn)
– A fan of all things Japanese (from culture to engineering)
– Met Irie Shouichi in a robotics contest some time ago, and agreed to help him
– Helps out Tsuna, because he wants to see Tsuna’s ultimate technique
– Helps Tsuna create a system for better control of the X-Burner (a special form of the Dying Will system).
– Is full of dry humor
– Loves munching on lollipops

Fanlisting: Connectivity
Picture cred: OneManga

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