Superbia Squalo

kk_re_card_brillante1_56Superbia SQUALO
Code: S, 3
Name: Shark
Weapon: Western-type two-edge sword attached to his left arm
Box animal: Shark

– Claims to have fought, and defeated, most known sword styles
– Killed countless numbers of people to reach his current skill level with the sword
– Left arm is artificial, and is able to twist, allowing him to hit blind spots
– Swore not to cut his hair until Xanxus is declared leader of Vongola (that was a few years ago)
– Fought Yamamoto for Rain ring. He claims that he had seen Yamamoto’s sword style before, and he had killed that man who used it
– Notorious for accenting statements with “VOIIIII!”

Fanlisting: Superbia

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