Chrome Dokuro

kk_re_card_brillante2_39Chrome (Kuromu) DOKURO
Code: 96
Weapon: trident
Fighting style: illusion-casting through Mukuro
Ring: Mist
Animal: White owl (Mukurou)

MINOR SPOILERS FOR VARIA ARC. Come back later if that worries you.

– Introduced in the Varia arc
– Actual name: Nagi
– Current name is a name she gave herself, an anagram of “Rokudo Mukuro”
– 14 years old
– Chronically sick and missing actual abdominal organs
– Alive only because of illusion organs provided by Mukuro
– Acts as Mukuro’s on-scene presence during fights
– Actual carrier of the Mist ring on a regular basis
– Adores Mukuro, considers Chikusa and Ken her friends
– Shy and clingy
– Supportive of Vongola and Tsuna (notwithstanding whatever Mukuro thinks)

* Chrome is NOT Mukuro, and Mukuro is not Chrome. This is not a Jeckyl/Hyde arrangement. They are separate people. But Chrome will not last long without Mukuro’s help, and Mukuro needs Chrome if he wants to act in the outside world for himself or for the Vongola.

Wikipedia and Reborn Wiki
Fanlisting: Oborodukiyo



  1. i like chrome voice.

  2. Love Chrome xD!

  3. I love CHROME DOKURO !! ❤ ❤ ❤

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