Gokudera Hayato

kk_re_card_brillante2_27GOKUDERA Hayato
Code: 59
Names: Smokin’-bomb Hayato, octopus-head
Weapon: Dynamite
Fighting style: long-range (accurate throwing of dynamite sticks)
Ring: Storm
Box animal: Leopard (Uri)
Box weapon special technique: Sistema CAI

– Vongola member (unlike the other boys, he’s an insider)
– 1/4-Japanese, 3/4 Italian (Italian father, half-Japanese half-Italian mother); he carries his mother’s surname
– Bianchi’s younger half-brother
– Due to events related to his mother, he left Italy and went to live in Japan
– Can play piano very well…but quit
– Has a psychosomatic reaction to Bianchi’s cooking (just the sight of Bianchi makes him throw up)
– Junior high, first year at start of series; promoted later with Tsuna to second year
– Smoker (manga only, but implied in the anime through his husky voice)
– Smart and analytical
– Hot-headed and impulsive
– Doesn’t like athletics (but he’s not bad at it), very good at academics (even math!)
– Considers Tsuna first as his boss, then as his friend
– Fiercely loyal to Tsuna, often calls him “tenth boss” (“jyuudaime”) rather than by his name
– Considers Yamamoto as his rival for Tsuna’s trust, but generally tolerates Yamamoto being around
– The right-hand man (at least he says so)

Wikipedia (includes discussion of Sistema CAI)

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