Code: L
Name: Stupid cow, crybaby Lambo
Weapon: 10-year bazooka, electricity (Thunder Set and Electrico Cornata)
Fighting style: Kickboxing and long-range attack
Ring: Thunder
Box animal: bull (Gyudon)

– NOT Arcobaleno (he’s really a little boy)
– NOT Vongola (comes from Bovino family, was accepted into Vongola later as ring holder)
– Probably full Italianlambo1
– 5 years old at the start of the series
– Pretty much lives with Tsuna
– When he shoots himself with his 10-year bazooka, he switches places with what he is 10 years into the future, for 5 minutes only
– As a kid, a crybaby, overly energetic and curious
– As a teenager (10 years later version, thus 15 years old), flashy and suave, but reliable. The teenager still cries after losing, though.
– Gets along with Haru and Kyoko, and sometimes Tsuna
– Hates Reborn and keeps trying to kill him (at 5 years old!)
– Has a pair of horns that act as lightning rods, allowing him to conduct electricity which he then directs at opponents
– Likes being in cow prints (“bovino” is cow in Italian)

*In Japanese, “ranbou” means rude or rowdy, which is what this kid is, so the boy is named “brat”. Because R can sometimes be read as L, and N can sometimes be read as M in Japanese, we get the romanized version of “ranbou” as “Lambo”. (He’s not named because his afro makes him look like a sheep!)

Fanlisting: Resonant Blue

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