Rokudo Mukuro

kk_re_card_brillante2_37SPOILERS FOR KOKUYO AND VARIA ARCS. Come back later after you have finished Kokuyo arc if that worries you. If it doesn’t, read on!

Code: 69
Name: Pineapple-head
Weapon: trident
Fighting style: illusion-casting (6 stages of hell)
Ring: Mist
Animal: White owl (Mukurou)

– Rokudo is not his real surname, but rather like an alias (Six-stage Mukuro). We’re not told his real surname
– Estraneo family (He’s a Mafia insider but a Vongola outsider, recruited afterward to join the Vongola)
– “Kufufufu” is the evil henchman laugh
– Master tactician, very wily
– Attacks by creating multi-sensory illusions
– Has one RED eye and one BLUE eye. The red eye displays the number of the illusion stage he is currently using.
– Able to possess individuals and control them (principally Dokuro Chrome), which is the way he helps out in the Varia arc while imprisoned back at Vindice penitentiary.

– Introduced as main bad guy of the Kokuyo arc
– 15 years old at introduction
– A criminal who escaped Vongola control from Vindice maximum-security prison, along with several other people (The Vendicare are the jail wardens/guards. Vindice is the prison itself.)
– Disguised himself (along with Ken and Chikusa) as students of Kokuyo junior high school
– Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa are all genetically-modified children, experimented on to such a severe degree that they rebelled and became criminals
– Since then, after being defeated by Tsuna, he helps out the Vongola side sometimes (when it works out to his advantage!) as the mist ring guardian (through Chrome Dokuro)
– No one’s sure on whose side he’s on!

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