Code: R
Weapon: Shotgun
Animal: shape-shifting chameleon (Leon)

– Arcobaleno (adult in a child body)
– Highly skilled hitman and respected high-level Vongola member
– Formerly teamed with Bianchi (and still likes getting hugs from her)
– Formerly trained Dino Cavallone to become the Cavallone family’s boss
– Sent to train Tsuna to become 10th Vongola boss
– Fires Dying-will Bullet (and all variations of its use) as Leon makes them
– Hand-picks Tsuna’s Vongola ring guardians
– In fights, acts as commentator
– Official sensei of the series; can be tough as needed but is not cruel
– Best known for saying “Ciaossu” (Italian greeting “ciao” plus Japanese casual greeting “osu”)
– Often seen in various costumes and disguises
– “Reborn” is not his real name, but we have yet to be told what it is

Fanlisting: Nel Mirino



  1. Ciaossu…

    it was kawaii

  2. […] Reborn […]

  3. Reborn isn’t his real name??

    • No, it is not. ^^ It is a name he gave himself only after he became an Arcobaleno. The manga has yet to tell us what his true name is.

      • Hmm.. it’s totally logical to think that way, but I don’t remember the manga ever stated that Reborn isn’t his real name, despite the weird nature of it.

  4. are you sure it was kawaii?

  5. ciaossu!

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