Sawada Tsunayoshi

kk_re_card_brillante2_231SAWADA Tsunayoshi
Code: 27
Names: No-good/loser (“Dame”) Tsuna; Tuna; 10th (“jyuudaime”)
Weapon: Energy blasts
Fighting style: Dying Will system
Ring: Sky
Box Animal: lion (Nuts / Nattsu)

– Fearful and reluctant leader of the Vongola branch of the Mafia, 10th generation
– Junior high, first year at start of series; gets promoted to second year along with Yamamoto and Gokudera
– Clumsy at athletics, low to average at academics
– Has a big crush on Sasagawa Kyoko (Ryohei’s younger sister)
– Low self-esteem
– Whiny and scared of being in any kind of confrontation
– Intensely loyal to friends and family (which is what makes the Dying-will system work for him)
– To his credit, he gets better as the series progresses

kk_re_card_brillante2_25– Dying Will (Shinuki) system
The system works by using the energy and power a user might have had to do something, if he didn’t die first. For instance, raw Dying Will, activated when Reborn shoots the Dying Will bullet, allows Tsuna to do what he would regret for eternity if he died without doing it. In the early parts of the series Tsuna would regret it if he died without saying he loved Kyoko, didn’t save Yamamoto from himself, proved himself to Ryohei for Kyoko, etc. The dying will bullet activates a basic will and energy for Tsuna to do all that and more.

As the series progresses, the raw Dying Will energy is concentrated and focused for effective use in fighting. The energy is directed and fired through the X-gloves. As Tsuna improves his control, the energy blasts and power increases.

The energy mostly feeds on Tsuna’s intense desire to protect his friends and family, along with the entire Vongola, and his eternal regret of dying without being able to protect what he holds most dear.

*Viz translations of both manga and anime use “Deathperation” for Dying Will. (What we call the Dying Will Bullet is the “Deathperation Shot”.) Please note that almost all international fans call it Dying Will, and if you intend to hang around fansites and forums, call it that.

Wikipedia and Reborn Wiki
Fanlisting: Skyflame



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