Kyoko, Haru, and Hana

kk_re_card_brillante1_18SASAGAWA Kyoko
Code: K

– Ryohei’s little sister
– Tsuna has a big crush on her
– She likes Tsuna back, but mostly as a friend (both hers and her brother’s)
– Junior high, first year, then promoted to second year (along with Tsuna and his friends)
– Average cute nice girl
– Pretty good at cooking

Fanlisting: Sweet Like a Cake

kk_re_card_brillante1_20MIURA Haru
Code: 86

– Junior high, first year then promoted to second year, but from another, all-girl, school
– Academic achiever
– Perky and happy
– Likes Tsuna a lot
– Loves dressing up in costumes and disguises (not exactly cosplaying)
– Often talks in the third person (“Haru will…”)

Fanlisting: Sunshine Velvet
Shrine: Mistress

Code: 87

– Kyoko’s best friend
– Junior high first year then promoted to second year with Kyoko
– Does not like children (thus does not get along with Lambo)
– More serious and a bit more practical than Kyoko (also a bit more suspicious about everything the boys are not saying)

* The girls do know Reborn, Lambo, and I-pin and find them cute. They also know most of the guardians (from school). However, they are generally kept in the dark about the Vongola system. for Kyoko and Hana



  1. selam ben maya tsuna ve kyoko resimlerini indire bilirmisiniz çok az resimleri var lütfen yükleyin bekliyor olacagız iyi günler

    • English please? Google translate is having trouble translating.

  2. Hana is ——‘s girlfriend in the future arc.. which is kind of funny since she never seems to notice him (in the present). I think they’re cute together…

    • I apologize for the edits, but your information is still spoiler, which I would prefer people find out by reading the manga.

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