Frequently asked questions that were not answered elsewhere.

Kateikyoushi or Katekyo Hitman Reborn?
“Katei kyoushi” is “home tutor” in Japanese, and “katekyo” is how it is officially shortened in the anime. Either is correct.

VongolA with the A, or VongolE with an E?
Both spellings are used by the official merchandise, but it will be safer for you if you stick with the A spelling. The weapon boxes use the A spelling.

“Vongola” is the Italian word for clam, while “vongole” is the plural form of the word. Thusly there are clams in the Vongola power ring designs. Earlier anime merchandise use the A spelling, while newer merch for the Future arc tend to use the E spelling.

How accurate is this series to the actual Italian mafia?
Not a lot. But this series was not intended to be accurate, it was intended just to be fun.

How accurate is all the Italian in the series?
Extras at the end of manga volumes credit an Italian gaijin as a resource person, so use of the language is checked, at least, if not the most accurate.

Does the KHR anime have fillers?
Yes, it does. So far they have added non-manga battles and non-manga minor enemies. A few non-manga events have also happened in the Daily Life arc. For the Future arc they tend to keep backtracking to earlier events to use up time. There are also two 13-episode filler subarcs within the Future arc, but these are supported and assisted by the manga author. However KHR as a whole has fewer fillers than its longer counterparts.

What can you tell me about the author, AMANO Akira?
Nothing that I know myself without finding out elsewhere, so I shall redirect you to Vongola.org‘s information on her.

Most international fans refer to Amano Akira as female, and there is nothing wrong with that. But this seems to be a pseudonym for a rather shy author (or authors, eg. an illustrator and a writer), and there is no solid proof of gender.

What is Vongola 77?
Most long-running Shonen Jump series eventually release a guidebook, and for KHR that is Vongola 77. It contains character profiles, the original Akamaru Jump pilot of the series, one original short story, and the 77 important events in the manga (until Varia arc).

Important information from the Vongola 77 character profiles are likely to be already found in the Wikipedia entries for KHR.

What is Reborn Colore! ?
That is an artbook with all the colored art done for the manga, as well as several new sketches by the author.

Does any US company have rights to KHR?

Viz officially has the rights to the manga, under Shonen Jump Advanced.

Officially it’s d-rights that has control over KHR anime internationally. This is the production company Crunchyroll talked to for rights to air KHR streaming.

While FUNimation was the American company that first enforced the rights, it looks like it is Viz that has KHR anime under consideration for possible licensing (the anime subtitles use Viz’s manga localizations), since they already have rights to the manga.

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