Ken and Chikusa

Mukuro, Chikusa, and Ken are the core members of the Kokuyo gang and have been acquainted since they were younger children. They met as experiment subjects, as scientists tried to enhance them to superhuman capabilities.

Chrome stays friends with Chikusa and Ken during and after the Varia arc. for Kokuyo

kk_re_card_brillante1_36KAKIMOTO Chikusa
Code: 493 or 193
Weapon: Poison-tipped needles shot through yoyos

– Quiet but sarcastic
– Technique relies more on speed than strength
– Technique involves throwing yoyos which release poison-tipped needles
– Often seen with earphones and/or reading

Fanlisting: Modus Operandi
kk_re_card_brillante1_381JOUSHIMA Ken
Code: none
Weapon: Animal channels

– Impulsive and aggressive
– Not too bright (much to Chikusa’s aggravation)
– Technique relies on brute strength
– Able to change/morph into various animals, based on “cartridges” applied to the teeth
– Often seen playing with hand-held game consoles

Fanlisting: Animal Channel

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