Lissuria, Levi A Than, Gola Mosca

kk_re_card_brillante1_52Lussuria (sometimes Lissuria)

– Fighting style: Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing)
– Box animal: Peacock
– Flashy and flamboyant
– Has steel plates over his knees
– Wears sunglasses always and everywhere
– Best known for the mohawk
– Fought Ryohei for sun ring



kk_re_card_brillante1_48Levi A Than

– Fighting style: electricity-based through special umbrellas
– Box animal: Stingray
– Dedicated to Xanxus
– Doesn’t care much about promotion if he can do his job
– Reputed to be the fastest assassin in the group
– Fought Lambo for thunder ring




kk_re_card_brillante1_58Gola Mosca

– Is a battle machine, not a person
– Human-powered (most times unwillingly)
– Fought Hibari for cloud ring


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