Lal Mirch

kk_re_card_bromides343Lal Mirch

MINOR SPOILERS FOR VARIA AND FUTURE ARCS. Come back later if it worries you.

– pronounced “lal mirk”
– Introduced in Varia arc as member of Vongola CEDEF
– Acts as weapons and defense expert for the Vongola in the Future arc
– Seldom accepts defeat, rarely opens up to people, does not want sympathy for weakness
– Arcobaleno (she’s much older than she looks)
– Problems occurred in creating her Arcobaleno pacifier, though, thus her pacifier is corrupted (and appears black)
– In the Future arc, she’s roughly the same subjective age as the junior high kids, because of exposure to radiation.
– Ring wave energies: cloud and mist
– Box animals: centipedes
– Was Colonello’s trainer in COMSUBIN
– Had a relationship with Colonello

* lal mirch (or lal mirchi) is Indian red chili pepper.

Fanlisting: Ardi nel mio cuore

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