Yamamoto Takeshi

kk_re_card_brillante2_29YAMAMOTO Takeshi
Code: 80
Name: baseball nut, katana brat
Weapon: Katana
Fighting style: Shigure Soen Ryu
Ring: Rain
Box animal: Swallow (Kojirou) and Akita-inu (native Japanese dog, Jirou)
Box weapon special technique: Scontro di Rondine

– Baseball club star player at the start of the series
– Junior high, first year; later promoted to second year with Tsuna and Gokudera
– Average in academics
– Father is a sushi restaurant owner and master swordsman who taught him his fighting style
– Something of an airhead, but intensely focused during fights
– Does not understand much of the Vongola (to him, it’s all a big elaborate game) but goes along with it anyway
– Friendly and optimistic
– Considers Tsuna the friend he will die for, not boss
– Tsuna’s left-hand man, considered the “shoulder blade”
– Considers Gokudera as his friend, more or less (because Tsuna is friends with Gokudera, he tries his best to be friends with him too)
– Reborn has said several times that he is a “natural assassin”, meaning Yamamoto has it in him to be a hitman.

As a weapon, Yamamoto first uses a bat that Reborn modified to turn into a katana as needed. Later he inherits a shinai (kendo practice sword) that turns into a katana.

Wikipedia and Reborn Wiki (also contains discussion of Shigure Soen Ryu)
Shrine (yes, shrine!): Death Rain
Fanlisting: Smile

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