Mammon and Fran


– Arcobaleno
– AKA Viper (known by the Arcobaleno under this name)
– Has a pet frog
– Illusion-caster
– Fought Chrome/Mukuro for Mist ring

It is UNCONFIRMED if Mammon is male or female (you will see fanart in either gender).

franFran (Flan / Franc)

* “Fran” is the official spelling, as recently given in the manga chapter 260 extras.

* Crunchyroll and Viz tend to use Flan, but be advised fans tend to frown on this spelling.

* Apparently the spelling in some anime and game merchandise is Franc (as in the French unit of currency), but this has been changed back to Fran in later merchandise.

* He is already confirmed as a “he”.

– NOT Arcobaleno
– Replaced Mammon in the Varia, in the Future arc
– Is NOT Mammon who grew a bit older (contrary to initial speculation)
– Much younger than the other Varia
– Wears a LARGE frog hat in honor of Mammon (he doesn’t like the idea)
– Evidently can’t be killed by stabbing him with Bel’s knives!
– Powerful illusion-caster
– Calm and sarcastic

Fanlisting: Mist Frog

Picture cred: OneManga

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