Hibari Kyouya

kk_re_card_brillante2_33HIBARI Kyouya
Code: 18
Weapon: tonfa (nightsticks)
Fighting style: close-range attack by tonfa
Ring: Cloud
Animal: Yellow canary (Hibird)
Box animal: hedgehog (Roll)
Box weapon special technique: Needle Sphere

– Head of student disciplinary committee (which is just the perfect excuse to be a big bully)
– KUSAKABE Tetsuya (the guy with the large hair that always tails him) is the second-in-command
– PROBABLY Junior high, third year, maybe (no one is sure)
– Fiercely loyal to the school
– Answers to no one
– Silent loner
– Angry and vicious…but not evil
– RUN FAR AWAY when you hear: “I will bite you to death.” (“Kami-korosu!”)
– Also notorious for saying a sarcastic, flat, deadpan “Wao.” (Wow. Really now.)
– Is “allergic” to cherry blossoms (“sakura-kura” disease, partly controlled as the manga progresses)
– Has a score to settle with Rokudo Mukuro (for defeating him completely)
– Got Hibird from one of Birds’ canaries.
– Helps Tsuna only because he is intrigued by Reborn
– Is not considered a friend by the other Vongola kids, just a reliable ally
– Considered the ace fighter among the guardians
– Trained by Dino during the Varia arc

Shrines (plural!): Tempest and Quicksand
Fanlisting: Lone Wolf



  1. Ahm.. I am not sure about Hibari’s age but there’s this one episode where Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamot became 2nd year and are surprised when they saw Hibari there. According to them, Hibari should not be there anymore because the third year already graduated.

    • Correct. Hibari answered something vague about not having learned everything he wanted to learn. Ideally he should have graduated, but either he was held back or did not want to graduate yet (since he loves the school so much). Either way the manga has not said anything more about it, so I said it that way (PROBABLY third year, maybe, no one is sure).

  2. i am sure that hibari owns a hedgehog as a box weapon and not a porcupine.

  3. hibari-san so cool!!!

  4. Thank you for linking my Hibari fansite (Quicksand)!

  5. kyouya so cuuuuutteee..

  6. If you all remember Hibari said that he can be in whatever year he wants to be in.

  7. i love it..!!

  8. Is Hibari a sociopath? As in, does he have any emotions? Because at times it seems like Hibari has a heart, but for the most part all his good deeds seem self-serving. And many people on KHR information sites claim he is a sociopath.

    So, er, what do you think? Is Hibari completely unable to feel compassion?

    • I don’t think he’s sociopathic, but he does live by his own rules, not by others. It’s possible that the current manga arc will eventually have the definitive answers to your questions, though.

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