kk_re234780491Not everyone in the Vongola family will accept Tsuna as the next successor. This includes Xanxus, who believes he’s the son of the current (ninth) boss. Under him is an elite assassin team called the Varia.

To settle the issue of who will be the next successor, a series of scramble fights is held. These will determine the Vongola head and his chief protectors, the ones who will own the power rings passed to each generation.

Reborn now specifically names the six protectors under Tsuna. Their individual skills, personalities, and capabilities will have to work together to protect Tsuna. But Xanxus has his own set of six protectors from the Varia, and the fights will be far from easy. Tsuna himself will have to learn control of the Dying Will system to win.

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Superbia SQUALO
Levi A Than
Gola Mosca


*The Varia are named based on the seven deadly sins, based on Latin and Italian derivations and associations.

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