Official websites important to you – JAPANESE. Updates on the official releases for manga volumes, anime DVDs, video games, and card games. – Official releases for anime episodes and DVDs. Includes ReboRaji! Bucchake Namimori Dong Dong, the semi-official podcast/radio show by 3 of the series seiyuu.

Reborn – Official anime merchandise of all kinds.

REBORN! on Crunchyroll is the legal way to get the series on streaming. However note that it’s REGION-RESTRICTED to USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The most recent episode is available with subtitles soon after airing in Japan. Uses Viz translations (“deathperation shot” and similar Americanizations).

General Information

Reborn! at Wikipedia — Comprehensive, and maintained by veterans. Use all the links.

KHR Wikia / Reborn Wiki — Also comprehensive, updated for more recent information. — Everything else that is not covered by the Wikipedia entries, are here. Also includes links and fanlistings.

Over at MangaHelpers, Kirimi has kindly typed out more detailed information and more links (including less-than-legal options, if you’re interested). You will also find high-level forum discussions here about the manga.

Members of Hitman_Reborn@Livejournal provided:
– character information from Vongola 77 here, here, and here
– character birthdays here (just scroll down)
– name meanings here

International sites:

Reborn Database — JAPANESE, collects relevant 2ch threads.

Reborn!Jump and Reborn Master– FRENCH info sites, full of basic and advanced info, plus updated news.

Vonola Manor — ITALIAN general info and update site.

Arcobaleno — GERMAN general info and update site.

Vongola Family — POLISH forum

General forums and communities

Hitman_Reborn at Livejournal (this has links to more specific LJ communities at its FAQ)
Vongola at Livejournal
Hitman Reborn! at MangaHelpers
Reborn Section at Bleach Asylum Forums (The main site also has links to several kinds of downloads.)
The Vongola Family

General fanlistings

Fanlistings specific to characters are placed in their pages.

Hitman_reborn at Livejournal and has links to pairing fanlistings keeps the fanlist for the series in general.
Cosa Nostra for Amano Akira


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