As Tsuna finally accepts that he is the tenth-generation head of Vongola, preparations are made to make the position official.

But an obscure mafia family claims that it has a grudge to settle with Vongola, starting with misunderstandings when both families began, continuing with misunderstandings in the present. They will stop at nothing to eliminate them, disrupting the succession ceremony and endangering the lives of guardians and civilians.

Which is a sad thing, because if things were different…they would all be friends.

* Simon is pronounced “see-mon” (like Simone), NOT “sigh-mon” (as in Cowell).
* Simon is the official spelling as given in manga; ‘Shimon’ is how it is pronounced in Japanese.

* Unlike Vongola (and its sub-groups the Arcobaleno and the Varia), Simon’s rings are earth-element-based.

* No matter what others tell you, it is rather important that you watch the Primo guardians sub-arc in the ANIME (episodes 178-188, at least 185-188) to fully understand some elements of the Inheritance arc.

Click on the links below for character profiles.

KOZATO (Cozzato) Enma
SUZUKI Adelheid

AOBA Kouyou

picture source: IEM/Mangareader


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