Kozato Enma


– fandom number code: 00 (en-ma)
– element: earth
– fighting style: gravity manipulation

– current head of the Simon branch of the mafia
– transferred into second year junior high into Tsuna’s year and class, becoming Tsuna’s friend
– frequently bullied (thus always patched up with band-aids), and meekly accepts it as his due in life
– shy and quiet, but friendly when treated nicely
– likes animals
– has a younger sister (Mami) who is presumed dead

– direct descendant of Simon COZZATO, original head of the Simon family (this is shown in the crosshatch-symbol you see in his eyes)
* The “Cozart” spelling was the English-speaking-fandom-agreed-upon spelling, but not the official one. Therefore you will see this in scanlations. Cozzato (‘cozza’ is Italian for mussel) is the official spelling, as given in volume 34 of the manga. In contrast, Enma’s surname is indeed given in the Japanese version even in the romanization, Kozato. (Thanks to stradas for all of this.)

* ‘Enma’ in Japanese is the king of the underworld.

Reborn Wiki (full spoiler!)

picture source: IEM/Mangareader


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