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sticky welcome post

Ciaossu! Welcome to Vongola101, your entry point to most things Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Really, totally, completely new? Start with these:

What is Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Meet the main character, Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) SAWADA!
Meet the title character, home tutor hitman Reborn!
The good guys are the Vongola!

Go through the other links to your right after those. Save the “Advanced Info” links for last.

Do your KHR-crazy friends talk about 80, 18, 59, 69, 27 and you don’t understand? The code numbers are explained here!

Enjoy your stay.

(This WP site is now static, and is relevant up to the Simon arc.)

Posted by: EK | September 1, 2011

Arcobaleno arc started

By now the word is loud and clear that the new arc will deal with the Arcobaleno and their story. But here’s the thing: the information if put here will be spoiler for anyone just starting out on the series.

But you can’t keep a fan from squeeing, so any important Arcobaleno-type information will be posted at Racconti di Arcobaleno, if you still want to get spoiled and such.

The pet information, as released in manga chapter 351, will also be added here, though.

Posted by: EK | July 23, 2011

inheritance arc completed

The Inheritance Arc has been declared closed by the author at chapter 346. Don’t worry, the chapter ends with a message about more things to come, so KHR is far from ending for now.

Story arcs page has been edited to reflect this.

Like previously, I will wait for a while before updating this site about a new arc, to see how it goes first.

Posted by: EK | May 3, 2011

His name is Simon Cozzato

Volume 34 of the manga gave it that the official spelling is Simon Cozzato. The “Cozart” spelling was the spelling the English-speaking fandom (especially at hitman_reborn@LJ) agreed upon based on the ‘kozaato’ katakana. I’m happy to finally have an official spelling. Enma’s surname, however, stays Kozato.

All of this information is with thanks to stradas who gave a picture of her tankoubon.

Information for Enma is thus changed to reflect this.

Posted by: EK | April 7, 2011

Simon is here!

I got a whole day off and a good internet connection day. Now uploaded are pages for Simon, as a whole and as individuals. Look to your right, please.

Some of you who are up-to-date with the series may note that plenty is left unsaid in those profiles, but remember that this is Vongola101 and not the RebornWiki. What I gave is basic information about them, without spoilers. That said, I hope the information is useful to you, especially in remembering who has what element and skill, whether you are updated or catching up.

I will wait until Simon Cozart’s backstory is given fully before adding a page in the
Advanced Info for that.

Amano Akira was one of those who provided gambatte-Japan!-type illustrations for Shonen Jump, so it’s certain she’s fine.

Posted by: EK | March 15, 2011

earthquake/tsunami-related update

Over here you will find confirmation on the status of majority of the KHR anime and vomic voice actors.

I’m posting this in case some of you are looking through the ANN and Google spreadsheet list and not finding names you’re interested in knowing.

– Takashi Kondo (Hibari/Fon/Alaudi) has been reported okay, but by a friend, the only reason why he’s not in the updates. (His own PC seems to be under repair.)
– Narita Ken (adult-form Reborn, Inuyasha’s Sesshoumaru) is still in the missing lists. 8(

– Viz Media has confirmed to ANN that Shogakukan and Shueisha authors are okay, as a blanket statement.

Posted by: EK | January 22, 2011

not really updates

There are HINTS AND RUMORS that there will be another anime by April (around which time all the Simon are expected to have fought, I suppose, and thus the arc would be coherent enough to air as anime). It’s certain that Sakiyomi Jump Bang has aired several vomics (video-comics, read-aloud manga) covering the Inheritance arc chapters.

I’ll be making separate page/s for Simon [pronounced See-mon as in Simone or the character in Gurren Lagann, not Sigh-mon as in Cowell], but I shall wait until Mizuno Kaoru has fought before doing so. Besides I still need to re-read and make sense of what I know about their skills. I’m also contemplating how in the world I’m going to place a page for the ninth-generation group. Please wait expectantly.

Posted by: EK | September 25, 2010

anime ends

The anime is considered finished at episode 203. It closed off the Future arc.

There is no word about OAVs or movies at the moment, although they can still happen.

Posted by: EK | April 3, 2010

update of sorts

I have begun summarizing for the Primo family filler subarc over at Racconti di Arcobaleno.

Also I am aware that the manga has introduced several new characters, but they are too new so I will wait a bit longer before adding the information here.

Posted by: EK | March 18, 2010


Future arc has been declared closed at chapter 282.

Story arcs page was edited to reflect this.

Posted by: EK | February 4, 2010


A page for the Primo guardians has been added to Advanced Info. Again, one of the LAST things you should read if you are really new.

Thank you for visiting!

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